We all love road trips. If not all of us, most of us do. Travelling especially for adventure is fun. Sometimes we have to travel for business or for other reasons like visiting upcountry to check on our parents and loved ones. Most of the time while travelling, we love to have our radios on and one of the most frustrating things is when you are listening to your favorite radio station and then suddenly, you begin to lose the signal. For those living in Nairobi, it happens within a radius of 40kms from the city. All of a sudden, your FM frequency becomes noisy. Sometimes you get peculiar sounds like those of cockroaches fighting. At times you can get another language or another station replacing the set frequency.

The challenging thing is that most of the time, you only know the frequency number of your favorite station in the city you reside in and can hardly get your radio to automatically shift to the new frequency. What I normally do; I auto-tune my radio and then scan the stations picked until I can get my favorite radio station back.

It is amazing that even without knowing the exact number allocated to your favorite radio station in the new location, you can figure it out by just listening. That’s the power of a frequency. I have also noted that different radio stations have frequencies that are very distinct and unique and it takes the familiarity with your favorite station, to help you pick it out.

As a Bible-believing Christian, sometimes we find ourselves disconnected with the spirit of God as we engage with the affairs of life. It is common to see a Christian very charged on a Sunday, touching God and hearing what He wants for their life, but immediately after they leave the church meeting, they lose the frequency they had captured and find themselves unable to pick out the will of God as they engage with life at home, at the market place or even in school, where they are expected to do the will of God.

At The Voice Community, we are also on a spiritual journey. Every morning we wake up and tune in to the Heavenly Radio at 530.00 FM. Everyone who tunes in, captures the frequency of the Spirit. This is where we receive the news for the day, the weather of the day, the traffic of the day and all the requirements that would help a saint navigate throughout their day. For your home to receive this signal, you are required to get a spiritual satellite dish that gives you access to this signal.

All over the city of Nairobi, where we are primarily based, saints tune in together, sending and receiving signals to and from heaven, through prayers that allow us to journey in the spirit as we handle the affairs of the earth. The primacy of walking in the spirit is a core definer of who we are. We know that a saint in 2021 cannot navigate through the crisis of the day without plugging in to the power of the Holy Spirit. In all our daily engagements, we have learnt to keep the signal alive so that we keep hearing the counsel and the direction of God as we handle the affairs of God.

You may be wondering how you can access this for yourself. Let me tell you how.

At the beginning of TVC in 2013, while we were corporately searching for the logo that would define who we are, God declared that The Voice Community would be a Spiritual Satellite. We are a community that interacts deeply with the Voice of God even as our name denotes. This requires every saint to acquire a spiritual competence that enables him or her to receive and to send signals to God and that is how our logo was birthed. (See the logo here)

Our logo is not an object; it is a dynamic spiritual reality we live by. It is a core definer of who we are called to be. Every saint is equipped through the word of God and through the impartation of the spirit of God as we journey as a church that is continually connected to heaven. This is how we spend our lives.  We have learnt the importance of remaining connected with God all the time so that God can send divine wisdom and guidance that allows us to walk right with Him at all times.

Besides the logo, God spoke to us in the beginning about waking up early at 5.30am, a reality we call Club5:30, to engage with spiritual matters before we get out of our homes to engage life. And though in the beginning these things looked like activities set out for the saint to do, we look back and see how these prophetic images from the mind of God, have been built inside of the saints to become realities we live by.

Every saint is a spiritual satellite. This means that our logo is not just an image attached to our letterheads or on our social media, it is a deep reality we live by. We are a spiritual satellite as a church. We are also spiritual satellites as individuals, as families and as homes.

Welcome to The Voice Community, the place where you are built, equipped and empowered so that you can maintain the right spiritual frequency regardless of your location or engagement with the world.


  • John Odhiambo
    Posted June 15, 2021 1:38 pm

    This article clarifies the tree areas covered very well…our corporate Identity as a community is made crystal clear that we are a spiritual satellite and that we are constantly journeying and that for that reason we must be fully tuned to the right frequency.Club 5:30 helps us to configure our satellite to keep receiving and beaming out frequencies to the upper realm. Beautiful clarity dropping down to us.

  • Martin Gitahi
    Posted June 15, 2021 1:50 pm

    This is such an incredible analogy of the life of a believer, I like the fact that the frequency of radio remains constant, it’s my work to keep tunning and adjusting the receiver to lock into the heavenly frequency.

  • Erick Odipo
    Posted June 15, 2021 2:02 pm

    The Voice of God is our greatest asset. Who we are becoming and everything we do is powered by His Voice.

  • Maureen Wanjiru
    Posted June 15, 2021 2:20 pm

    Heavenly Radio 530:00FM, is our hidden asset that never looses its frequency. Stay Tuned.

  • Steve Gachanja
    Posted June 15, 2021 2:48 pm

    The satellite is a powerful imagery and reminder in the last days for capturing instructions from God. In John 10:27, Jesus says “my sheep hear my voice”. The sheep capture the frequency and the instruction. If they do not capture the instruction, they will wonder away lost and will get killed. The sheep must therefore be a tuned to the Holy Spirit at all times.

  • Esther Mwangi
    Posted June 16, 2021 4:37 pm

    We tap from heaven for ourselves and for others. God has given us a prophet who receives the mind of God and disseminates to us. Once we tune to the frequency in the morning during club 530, we are required to stay tuned, rest the enemy steals what we have through the cares of this life. The spirit of God directs us and makes us remain sensible, yet different from the world.

  • Monica Kamau
    Posted June 27, 2021 8:05 pm

    That reality of auto-tune is amazing!!!! Incase issues of life and the busyness that comes with many responsibilities threatens to throw me out of the frequency, I will find my footing and stay connected, as long as Auto-Tune is ON!

    I tick Auto-Tune ON!

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